The summer of 1969, only a few months after my father had died, I joined Ichoed Haboniem for a walking trip from Vaals, in the south of the Netherlands, to Luxembourg. That was the first time I crossed the Dutch border.

In 1971 my mother bought me a EuRail pass, which allowed me to travel all across Europe for one set price. My six year older travel companion, the sister of the man I’d been dating could only afford a return ticket to Skopje in Yugoslavia, and since she was acting as my chaperone, I didn’t tell me mother that we would take the train only for part of the trip, and that we would hitchhike the remaining distance to Athens. From there we took the boat to Crete.

The spring of 1974 my new husband and I traveled to Paris for a belated honeymoon after our December 28 wedding. May 4, 1974 we boarded a city hopper in Groningen. A after landing and taking off many times we reached Schiphol. The whole time that we were in the air on our way to Los Angeles I feared the large Lufthansa plane would make me feel as sick as the trip on the much smaller plane had.

While living in Southern California we crossed the Mexican American border a few times.

After two-and-a-half-years in Los Angeles, we relocated to Strasbourg, France, and on many occasions crossed the German French border.

From 1977 through 1991 I would often travel in Europe, for work and for pleasure.

In 1988 I traveled through India, visiting friends, and exploring cottage industries, textile weaving compounds, and the Khadi Emporium.

Between 1987 and 1992 I traveled regularly between California, Texas and Amsterdam, to finally immigrate in January 1994. After a few months in Texas, my husband and I moved to  Seattle, Washington. After a stint in Connecticut and six months in Europe we settled in Seattle in 2004.

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